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Also creator of God Speaks in the little things, sharing God’s Word and God’s world:

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I moved from Michigan and found my way By The Sea - which is the name of my dream house which overlooks the Pacific Ocean where I live with the love of my life! Now I can't be away from the sea for more than a few days at a time. Amazing how quickly the sea found its way to my soul. Being a wife, mom, and grandma have been a wonderful journey so far.

I'm a natural light photographer who takes my Nikon everywhere (almost!), I shoot my everyday and find joy & beauty in the world around me, sharing my world. I believe in capturing the joy of Life and celebrating beautiful moments, one photo at a time. Simply because every day is new and the everyday is extraordinary. Join me in finding the joy & beauty in your life!

I believe that God speaks in the little things, if we stop to listen & walk with Him. Using photography to  share God's word and God's world is a big part of my passion and creative expression.

 ...well that's pretty much me.