Project Something Beautiful: REFLECT

What a word for the beginning of the new year! This is a time when many stop to reflect on the past year and set goals for the new one. However, in contemplating this word, I ended up at a different place. Reflect - to mirror.

When we first looked at buying this house we now live in, we were struck by the huge floor to ceiling mirrors flanking the fireplace in the living room. This room is right when you walk into the house. The previous owners had already moved out and the house was empty. Those mirrors looked like something out of a department store; they were an eye sore! We commented, that they "had to go." 


But once we moved in and filled the room with our furniture, we realized something - those mirrors reflected so much light into the room. By reflecting the light and the room, those mirrors made the space feel so much bigger, so much brighter. In fact, many of our friends thought the room extended past the fireplace and continued on the other side. Needless to say, they are still there today. 


Likewise, I want to be a reflection - I want to reflect God's light and love and grace and compassion and healing and hope out into the world. God has given me so much in this life. I can only pray to be his mirror and make everything and everyone around me brighter. This is the one year anniversary of my joining The Order of the Daughters of the King. I wear the cross of the Order every day, and I ask, "Lord, what would you have me do?" I am so grateful for another way to reflect God's love through service, prayer, and evangelism. 


This post is part of a series and a blog circle titled "Project Something Beautiful," exploring our lives and emotions. I'm so excited to collaborate with this wonderful group of talented women. For more on REFLECT, check out Suzi's blog here:  Moments by Suzi