30 days of thankfulness

So here I am, in a boot on my right foot with a scooter to use all around so I don’t put much weight on the foot. What is a photographer to do? Being limited physically makes it hard to get out to places to shoot, hard to carry my camera around, hard to get the perspective I want. I needed something to motivate me to do the best I could under the circumstances. Enter a 30 day photo project!

My theme was thankfulness. My goal to take a photo every day of something that I am thankful for. And I did it! I might have gotten behind in posting, but I did shoot daily. Even if it was just around my house. Even if it was more photos of my dog. Trying to shoot with intention and purpose. And it made me think all day long about what I am thankful for. There is so much!

Some of my favs and the entire list are below. You can see all the photos HERE!

thankful for:

  1. my hubby and 29 years of marriage

  2. the 2 gentlemen who walked the neighborhood picking up trash with long grabbers

  3. all the fun times represented by these corks in my wooden bowl

  4. blue skies & puffy clouds traveling through Chicago O’Hare

  5. the penny candy store to feed the sweet tooth, complete with sweet shopping baskets

  6. this afternoon to kick off the “shoes,” sit for a spell and read a wonderful magazine with an amazing photo on the cover

  7. all the wonderful memories at this (likely last) visit to the Toledo Museum of Art and for the Lori Lefever jazz quarter at the Friday Music program

  8. for Agnes, the magical, mythical unicorn & friends who knew I needed her

  9. being back home with my little guy (& my big guy!)

  10. for my hubby going grocery shopping with me to push the cart, get things off the shelf, & schlep bags!

  11. these two [hubby & grandson] being able to spend some time together

  12. my Aunt Margaret, who instilled a love of music in general, and church music specifically, in me

  13. our future first-responder, who is ready for any emergency

  14. all the little details that make our home by the sea OUR home

  15. the friendship these two [hubby & “Goose”] have had for so many years

  16. when the entire process comes together and I shoot a photo, then edit it just so - makes my creative soul happy! (shot yesterday, edited today)

  17. all the boxes, etc. moved from my aunt’s home arriving safely today, including an old trunk - a beautiful addition to the bedroom

  18. my good friend who drove me to the foot doctor & the wine store, and let me buy her lunch at a new place

  19. my contemplative prayer group and the peaceful lady in the stone I saw this morning

  20. my aunt’s wonderful chiming clock hung in our living room! And for our friend who hung it for us

  21. all of God’s creatures - this big moth landed on my entry sign yesterday

  22. grocery delivery

  23. all things fall: cooler weather, football, and pumpkin… in this case, pumpkin soup

  24. my family (human & canine) and our evenings together

  25. our dog walker who brings back a tired puppy

  26. an uncrowded afternoon at the movies

  27. the beautiful sky behind our bell tower cross on my way to choir rehearsal

  28. even the little things in God’s created world - this air plant is growing despite much neglect on my part

  29. coffee, specifically PSL, and a good friend to share it with

  30. my church community and our beautiful building to gather in

What are you thankful for? I challenge to you find one thing, just one thing, every day this month of October and write it down. You will be amazed!