Taking time to pause, look, reflect

When I first started in photography, I had a habit of saving EVERY photo I took with my new Nikon D7100 camera. Every single one. Now, digital is “easy,” some say, because you can shoot as many photos as you want and just delete the bad ones. But apparently not that easy for me. Oh, the ones that were out of focus, the ones with eyes closed, the ones where there were strange expressions on faces (you know what I mean!), the ones of the dog’s tail because he was moving too fast - all those were easy to delete. But choosing one or two out of the twenty (or more) I had of that flower or the ocean or the beach was way hard. So I kept them.

Then my photography instructor asked me, “Why are you keeping them?” I answered, “Because I took them and might need them.” He then questioned, “Are you ever going to show all of them to anyone?” I admitted, “Not likely.” And with that the Delete key became a friend.

Now, I’ve learned to be more selective in what and how I shoot to capture the joy I see in life. I keep only the best of those shots I take; and I only share the best. Because my best is what you deserve to see. Sometimes there is a photo that tells the story I want, and it isn’t one of the best - maybe a little out of focus, or the composition isn’t great. But the telling of the story takes precedence and I’ll keep and share it in order to tell that particular story.

Sharing those few, best, story-telling photos along with inspirational scripture verses or quotes is my passion and one of the things I love to do. I hope to give you a reason to pause, look, and reflect. To slow life for just that moment and appreciate. To let God Speak to you in the little things.

With that goal in mind, I’ve created a calendar: 2019 A Year of Psalms - God Speaks in the little things. Taken from the God Speaks Daily Inspiration posts, are 12 photos and verses from Psalms, one for each month. My hope is that when you glance at the calendar every day, you find a moment to stop and know that God Speaks in the little things.

The calendar is available online in the STORE or direct from me if you are local.

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