Birthday Field Trip

Remember when you were little & each birthday was a big deal? Turning 1 or 2 or 5 or 10 was anticipated and looked forward to so much. The excitement would build for months. Soon it becomes 13 & 16; then 18 & 21 are the big ones. After that we skip ahead in 5 year increments, sort of ignoring the ones that come in-between. Then it becomes 10 years, which are the ones we now shy away from. For to say we are going to be 50 seems a far cry from 5; & 60 seems a far cry from 6. 

But, I think, by the time we are coming face to face with the big 5-0 or 6-0 (and beyond) it is truly time to celebrate the unique individual that God created in you. And that's what we did for my good friend. We planned a day of something new and different. Something out of the ordinary. Something where we could get away from our daily lives and just have fun.

None of us had been to the Getty Villa, so it was a surprise visit for the birthday girl (even though she guessed!). What a beautiful place! Everywhere you look there are amazing antiquities and beautiful grounds. We visited some of the galleries, the gardens, and took a culinary tour of the herb garden,

We laughed a lot. We ate great food. We were driven to and from our destination. And of course, I took photos. Because what is a party without them! 

Click on the photo to see larger & move through the gallery.   To see all the photos from this fun day, go the the Event here.