Long-time friends are Best

Recently, my hubby’s friend and roommate from the Air Force came to visit. Thanks to the internet, they got back in touch a few years ago, and have continued the friendship. Those friends who knew you when and know you today are just the best!! It was a short visit, but such fun to see him after many years. I’d only met him briefly once and was glad to get to know him.

George’s visit was certainly not an “everyday” experience - but one we hope to do more often than every 20 or so years!. Just as I believe that photos of the everyday are special and to be celebrated, I know that these extra-special, infrequent moments of life are even more precious. So I braved the sighs of “not another photo,” and enjoyed capturing some of the moments with these two. Actually, the guys weren’t too bad about it!

We went to pick him up at Union Station in downtown LA - a place we don’t visit often. While waiting for his train to arrive, what’s a photographer to do but take photos! Such a cool Art Deco building, built in 1939 and still showing all that classic beauty. Just being there takes you back to a time when the train was a major form of public transportation. And when life was lived at a (seemingly) slower pace. And the birds came indoors!


We realized that we weren’t sure what George looked like now (& vice versa), so the guys were texting back and forth with what they were wearing. They’ve adapted to technology pretty well. Couldn’t really miss my hubby in his Hawaiian shirt; and I forgave George his Penn State tee-shirt!! But we found each other. And sometimes, even for the photographer, getting the moment quickly means a less-than technically perfect photo! The honest smiles and emotion wins over slightly missed focus ~ don’t you think? Then we headed back to our house, for cocktails on the veranda, dinner, and almost endless story-telling and laughter. Even Knarley hung out with us.

It is my joy and privilege to document these super special times, along with our everyday. I love telling the story through photos ~ when we look back at these in years to come we will say, “I remember that visit!” And that makes me so happy!! How about you? What do photos of times gone by evoke in you? Comment below and let me know

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