Mustard Field Adventure | a personal lifestyle photo session

Sometimes you just need to take time to get outdoors and wander in nature. That’s what we did here in the local mustard fields. The rain upon rain we had earlier helped created these beautiful fields of wild mustard. This doesn’t happen all the time, and it is such a fun place when it does.


It was so much fun to spend time with these two! It was a beautiful afternoon and there were new smells everywhere! And a yellow lab’s gotta sniff, you know! But she was a really good girl. She almost disappeared in the mustard, but came running when called. Being outdoors with your human in a new place is a great day for a dog! It was a great day all around for us people too. Walking on the paths there were times we were surrounded by the mustard ~ it was taller than us!

Did you know personal and family photo sessions don’t need to be the just “stand there, look at the camera, smile.” kinda boring experience? It can be so much more! Expressing your personality, your family’s fun things to do, capturing your joy ~ that’s what makes my heart sing. Taken at your home or at a favorite place. Just you doing the things you love. I’d love to capture those beautiful, everyday moments. The ones you love and want to remember.

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