Owl Spotting!

I’ve been going out to the desert for scrapbooking weekend retreats for a few years now - at least since 2012. I’ve heard stories of the owls who nest in the large tree just in front of the main house. But they’ve been elusive for me. For a while, they nested elsewhere. So, when packing my things ~ including camera gear, because, you know, the photographer within ~ I picked up my long lens… and put it back down. I had been taking it for years and never used it. So this time I left it home.

And this time, the owls were back!! We could hear their “hoo hoo” calls in the morning & evening. A few of us saw them, but I just couldn’t spot them by myself. Renate showed me where the nest was - with the two juveniles inside!! Such a sight. The big eyes and curious looks were directed right at us. Just amazing fluffy little gremlins. Even though they were still young & in the nest, they can fly.


No sight of the parents this time. I did see one fly just before dinner on Saturday. Gliding with wings outstretched ~ WOW!! Grace and smoothness and danger.

After that, every time I walked by the tree I looked up. Probably not the best thing to do while walking but I managed not to trip. And I spotted them again. One of the adults and one of the juveniles just hanging out on a branch. They looked at me, not really concerned but certainly curious. They are magnificent! And big. And their heads do really swivel around sooo far. There’s a photography saying that the best camera is the one you have with you. Same with lenses… so the best lens was the longest I had with me. Not ideal, but at least I have photos to remind me of the beauty of these creatures.

Can you spot them here?

Can you spot them here?

Moral of the story ~ expect the unexpected, look up, be present to the world, and always take the long lens!

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