So glad to meet you...

Hello! I'm Dawn ~ a Jesus believer with a creative soul. I love to show God's world through photography, writing poetry and essays, painting, papercrafting, just about anything that involves making something.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I'm a doggie mom, step-mom, & proud grandma
  • I love coffee & Jesus, fresh ocean air, football, going for a walk, & all things crafty
  • I grew up in Michigan, spent many years in CA, and now call North Carolina home
  • I believe in unicorns and mermaids
  • I'm rarely far from a camera ~ documenting daily life is so much fun

I believe life should be lived with joy! Explore life with a sense of wonder. Try something new, you're never too old to begin. Being creative fills my soul.

Many times we think God is soooo big, and God is. But God is also found in the little things ~ the tiniest white flower in the grass, the ruby throated hummingbird, the single drop of water after the rain. Using my lens and pens to share God's world is a big part of my passion and creative expression. See the God Speaks page ~ click on the words or in the upper right to connect.

So, come and see what I create.

this is 65!