Life is so good!

I'm so glad you found me here! Come along to see this glorious world we live in through my lens and my pens! I really began my creative life in 2015 after I retired. I picked up my husband's camera and haven't looked back. Landscape, documentary, street photography ~ I love it all! I ran a small family photography business for three years. I began writing poetry and scripture reflections shortly after. I really believe that the creative spirit lives in everyone. 

One morning I was sitting with my Bible and a cup of coffee, when I heard God tell me, "look for me in the little things." I began the search for the little things where I could find God. Flowers, puppies, rocks, my grandson ~ all the things. Even a water droplet from a big splash of a wave. Then I heard, "tell others," so I started the God speaks in the little things blog, FB, & Instagram. For seven years, I have been posting a photograph paired with scripture or inspirational quotes daily (or almost!). Check out the God Speaks page.

We lived by the ocean for many years & it was so amazing to see the vast expanse of the Pacific every day. I never expected to leave, but then family happened. So, we moved to North Carolina to join our daughter and her family. New state, new beauty all around. I'm so excited to see what God has in store for me in this new place! Stay tuned